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[Resolved] New and total columns are empty

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When I select the "Folders" view, only the INBOX line shows :

New : X Total : X

But all other lines don't display anything albeit some folders do contain emails.

Is there some option I forgot to use ?

I have created filters so emails from NetBSD lists I am subscribed to are dropped in each folder according to the mailing list. But I would like to have numbers in the last columns so when I check the folder view I know how many new emails are in each folder :huh:

When I want values to appear I am forced to select each line manually (there is no checkbox to select all lines at once, sadly) and ask the webmail to update the values.

If the page is reloaded every 5 minutes (as it seems on my webmail) can the values be recalculated ?

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The theories I expressed at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...indpost&p=27506 have held up each time I have used the "Folders" feature of Webmail since then, although I don't do that very often.


It worked. I have selected each checkbox then selected the option.

The columns have been filled.

It seems that now each time new mail is put onto a folder, when the page refreshes then the line gets bold to mark new mail.

Strange B)

Thanks for your kind help :lol:

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