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[Resolved] Cannot resolve http://www.finecobanca.net


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At the first parse of the mail header I got this error:

Cannot resolve http://www.finecobanca.net

parsing the message body.

But this a perfectly working phishing site of banca: fineco.it

I take a snapshot of the screen, as in another experience my tracking url was different than my first paste report.

And again this time tracking url after pressing report is different than before.

This is my tracking url (after sended the report):


this has 3 email and correctly track the web site.

But before send, the report was different and show:

Cannot resolve http://www.finecobanca.net

error, and only 2 email are reported.

Where I can attach the shot of first report (before send), is a .png image of 70KB ?

This confuse me the other time, and prevent the admin to understand and correct problem.

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This is a common problem and has to do with the amount of time required to resolve the address. If it takes too long to resolve the address, the parser simply gives up and displays the error message "Cannot resolve......"

If you feel that it is important to report the web site, you have a few options.

1) cancel the first parse and re-run it. Working addresses will frequently resolve when tried a second or third time dispite failing the first time (as you have already experienced).

2) create a manual report.

I hope that you will be able to translate this back into Italian. Your English was very understandable.

You are definately correct in saying that www.finecobanca.net is a phishing web site even the profane name of their registered name servers give it away.

Unfortunately I was unable to open the valid web site of "bancafineco.it" or "fineco.it"

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