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[Resolved] Help with Address Lists

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Hi folks,

I just created an address list of email address and I sent out an email with my new address. Unfortunately, everyone's email address was listed in the header.

So how do i generate an address/distribution list so that only the name of the list appears to the receivers of my emails?

I've searched al the forums and I can't find and answer. Can you help pls?



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Simple answer, enter the list as a BCC

You could still enter a generic To address, like the list name itself that went no where or simply went to the reply address that way the receipents would readily see the name of the list but not the addresses contained in the list.

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Possible caveat ... some folks will have filters/rules looking for e-mail that doesn't arrive with the 'correct' To: address, so they may not receive one of these BCC: e-mails.


Hi dbiel and wazoo,

Thanks for the fast replies. Using BCC works like a champ and I"ll make sure to include a valid email address, mine, in the To: category.

thanks again


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Don't ignore Wazoo's comment.

Some people do filter their email based on the "to" address, so if their address does not appear in the 'to" line the mail could be filtered away.

But then, if they actually want to receive your mail, one would think that they would make arrangements not to filter it out.

You may what to let people know when they sign up, what address will be used in the "to" line of mail being sent to them (ie their address will be in the BCC line which is never displayed.

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