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you accepted my email but block it to others, why

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5 hours ago, Noreen Rucinski said:
you accepted my email but block it to others, why
what do you see that my go daddy site doesnt see!! 

you provided your email address (tbh I would munge that, so spammers who frequent these forums can't abuse it) but checking it towards spamcop and blocklists I see no problem there.
now I presume that you received a message either through godaddy or from somewhere else saying that your email was blocked.
if that is the case, then the mail provider you are using has (or had) a spammer problem and might be getting blocked by some private blocklists who put in their reply that they are using the SCBL (SpamCop Block List) but are not, instead it's their own BL (Block List) and they don't have the ability or capability to automatically update it but have to do it manually. Many times that leaves old entries unchecked and actively blocked.

You might want to check directly with the provider that blocked you and explain your situation.

Either way, good luck.

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Like RobiBue says sometimes admins setup their server to blame the SpamCop blocklist by pointing their line to another blocklist, but then have the message return something else.

FEATURE(`dnsbl', `bl.SomeOtherGroup.com', `"spam blocked see: http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml?"$&{client_addr}')dnl


This would appear to be the case, so you would need to contact the particular admin for the server you are trying to send to and ask them why they are blocking.
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