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It would be nice if the various buttons on the web page interface also had a <ctrl> key option. I realize there may be a review issue (if its to easy then the review is blown off) however it would be nice to not switch back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse.

For example when using the "Report spam" page it goes similar to this:

(starting in the mail app)

<ctrl> U - get window with spam code

<Ctrl> A - select all the message

<Ctrl> C - copy message into clipboard

<Ctrl> 1 - go to Navigator

use mouse to click "login" to spamcop.net

use mouse to select "Report spam" tab

use mouse to get into the window

<Ctrl> V - past spam into window

use mouse to "Process spam"

scroll through reports (with mouse or keybd)

use mouse to "Send spam Report(s) Now"

When I have reported several spam using Submit.xx[at].. its not as much of an issue. Its all mouse actions:

Use mouse to click "Report Now"

use mouse to scroll through reports

use mouse to "Send spam Report(s) Now"


Just a GUI idea to avoid the back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse.

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Of course it does make sense for IronPort to maintain constancy among their products


Well, there's IronPort .... and then there's JT <g>

Funnily enough, IPB has a big announcement on one of their "new" products .. which turns out to be a web-mail application .... not much data provided as yet, but http://www.invisionboard.com/ip.dynamic/pr...tura/index.html

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