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Do I Need Multiple SpamCop Email Accounts?

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The following info is taken verbatim (with two wee munges) from http://news.spamcop.net/pipermail/spamcop-...ber/104952.html.

Here's a different take on the question, which may or

may not be what Borgholio meant. Other people might

wonder, though.

"Borgholio" <borgholio[at]storymind.com> wrote in message


> If I sign up, would the SC Email be able to be configured to connect

> to all of my email accounts (I have 3) at the same time, or would I

> need one SC Email account for each of my email accounts?

It depends on whether those 3 different email accounts

ultimately end up in the same inbox. If, for example,

you do as I do and use the same Eudora reader to fetch

mail from all your accounts and read them in the same inbox,

then no, you only need one SC email filtering account.

On the other hand, if the messages sent to those 3

email accounts end up in different inboxes, such as

a home PC and a work PC, or 3 different family members

sharing a home PC with individual user logins, then maybe

you need separate SC email filtering accounts. Or maybe

you don't, depending on how tricky you want to get with

handling your email.

It could be possible to funnel several different email

addresses into a single SC email filtering account, and

then when SC forwards the filtered ham to the single

delivery email address, have that delivery address

fan out the ham to multiple individual recipient accounts.

Procmail could probably do it, but it would take a small

bit of work. A Unix hacker would rub his/her hands

together and enjoy the challenge. A home PC user

most likely would not :-)

If your email ends up on a host with Procmail installed,

such as a Unix or Linux box, you might have the building

blocks needed to assemble a way to do it. It's not

built-in. If you are using a typical home PC running

Windows, and reading your email with Outlook Express,

then you probably won't be able to combine the 3 email

sources into one SC email filter, and then separate it

back out into 3 separate destination inboxes.

SUMMARY: if all those 3 email accounts ultimately

end up in the same place, then sure, send them all to

your SC email filtering account, and have it forward

the filtered ham to your single central destination.

But if you want to use a single SC filtering account to

filter and deliver email to multiple separate email

recipients (such as different family members or different

employees), it's not straightforward. Best to get a

separate SC email account for each.

If this interpretation of the question is addressed in any

of the available FAQ collections, I sure missed it.


Don Wannit <edb2000 -at- spamcop.net>

A paid SpamCop user since 1999

Edit: 2005/09/23 07:01 EDT -0400 Jeff G. munged a wee bit.

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