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Please put dates in Announcement titles


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I was looking at the (currently three) Announcements, and I couldn't tell when they were posted. A date in the Announcement title would do it for me, although if there is a board-wide solution (some setting or other) that would be ok as well.


Good point

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Thank you for finding and reporting that bug in our Announcements feature.  Do my changes meet with your approval?  Thanks!


Yes, they do. It's good to know that the problems mentioned are not current issues. Thank you for the quick response! :)

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Of the current (as of 12/08/2005) announcements:

Announcement: Email Service is back on line

Announcement: Database problems cause occasional system crashes, please bear with us

Announcement: How To Get Official SpamCop.Net Customer Support

Announcement: Please make sure that you have reviewed the Pinned Announcements

Announcement: [How-to] Post a Question (and prevent stupid/rude answers)

only the first two should have a date, so there goes my request to somehow make it mandatory.

Oh well, I'm sure Wazoo won't mind having less work to do. (<g> or is that :D ?)

Edit: I thought 'mandItory' looked wrong - corrected to 'mandAtory'.

Edited by qjvgpuryy
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