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FAQ Entry: What is VER (Very Easy Reporting)?

Jeff G.

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VER (Very Easy Reporting) is an exclusive feature of the SpamCop Parsing and Reporting System which only SpamCop Email System Customers may access. It is variously known as VER (Very Easy Reporting), Held Email, Held Mail Log, held log, and heldlog, and in all cases resides at http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog. It can accessed via the "Held Email" Button/Link in the menu bar of the SpamCop Parsing and Reporting System http://mailsc.spamcop.net/ (which can be accessed via the "Report spam" Button/Link in Webmail) and has six Actions as follows:

  VER Action                               Webmail Capability
  ~~~~~~~~~~                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Quick - report immediately and trash     "Report as spam"
  Queue for reporting (and move to trash)  In Progress
  Queue for reporting (do not trash)       In Progress
  Forward (and whitelist sender)           "Release and Whitelist"
  Forward (do not whitelist sender)        Release (or Move or Open and Redirect)
  Delete                                   Delete

Those Actions may be performed on any of the displayed email messages (or all via the "Check All" Link or none via the "Reset" Link), which at maximum are the first 100 messages (in chronological order of receipt) in the Customer's Held Mail mailbox/Folder. Note that only unread, unmarked messages show up in VER, that the act of entering VER causes them to be flagged as "read", and that the Action "Queue for reporting (do not trash)" causes them to be flagged as "marked".

The following fields are shown from each message:

Message UID Number bolded and in brackets (incremented every time a message enters your Held Mail mailbox/Folder)

Email Address from the message's From Header Line (no full name, just the address)

Message Subject bolded

Preview Link (which previews the raw email safely, including complete headers and body but not parsing any HTML in the body) bolded

Date from the messages Date Header Line (indented on a separate line)

Reason for being Held (if applicable, in parentheses)

A sample of what VER looks like is as follows:

-- Select Action -- [a dropdown box containing the Actions on the left side of the CODE box above]

[Release / Delete selected messages] [a Button]

Check All Reset

[] [566490] poisedtosoar692[at]aaris.net (If you missed the tech boom, don't despair... here is your chance zuebxgxk Preview )

Sun, 25-Sep-2005 15:51:09 GMT (Blocked bl.spamcop.net)

[Release / Delete selected messages] [a Button identical to the above Button]

Samples of the output VER produces are as follows:

  Quick - report immediately and trash
Submitted message 566070 for reporting
Moved message 566070 to trash

  Queue for reporting (and move to trash)
Submitted message 566490 for reporting
Moved message 566490 to trash

  Queue for reporting (do not trash)
Submitted message 566491 for reporting

  Forward (and whitelist sender)
Queued message 566496 for release and sender for whitelisting.

  Forward (do not whitelist sender)
Queued message 566497 for release

Moved message 566499 to trash

You should think about moving to Webmail's Held Mail mailbox/Folder because it's faster and, according to JT's latest Post on the subject, VER "won't necessarily go away but there won't be much development taking place on it. New features and the like will all need to go into the webmail interface. Major bugs will be fixed in VER, but we're not going to be adding features."

Please see FAQ Entry: What is Quick Reporting? for details on Quick Reporting.

Please see http://mail.spamcop.net/individuals.php for details on signing up for the SpamCop Email System.

Edit: 2005/09/27 23:56 EDT -0400 Jeff G. finished editing.

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