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IP got listed, but received no report


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You seem still not to have read what makes the list and what does not or I don't know where you read what you did. 


Please read the SCBL Rules at the bottom.  Any report over a week old is completely ignored.  Where did you find a reference to 14 days?  Also, according to the web page, you were delisted yesterday by at least 7PM when I last looked it up.

As stated earlier, the reports were sent to the addresses provided.  What they did with them is anybody's guess.  As I mentioned, it could be that

a> your IP was listed and the report was automatically or accidentally reported because of that.  In this case it should be brought to their attention (if it is not to late to reply to the reporter) or

b> someone was signed up for your list without their knowledge and properly reported it because they did not sign up for it and realize that MOST unsubscribe links/messages are traps to receive more spam.


Thanks, yes I know.
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We 'are' talking about 'my' server. It's dedicated for the site. The 1300% (which is now on 828%) is (hence, partly) because I sent out the second half of the list


Just noting that it's hard to balance what you say and what you are doing from this side of the screen.

eedless to say, I 'will' create a more strict double opt-in subscribe system.

Preferred term in these parts is "comfirmed opt-in" ... spammer usage and double-speak has put a bad onus on the "double-opt-in" phrase ... i.e., "I sent you three of my opt-in notices, so we've even gone further than "required" ... you are now triple-opt'd-in!!!!!"

I haven't contacted a deputy yet btw, because I want to dig into it myself as much as possible before I do.

Based on the sceanrio offered thus far, I don't believe you'll get much from the Deputies beyond "yep, you're hitting our spamtraps" ... Deputy help in these cases are generally more oriented towards helping a host/network person track down an infected machine or possible server abuse.

I noticed that yesterday, which is of course a good thing of course, and just. ......

I noticed the reports (which I unfortunately never received) posted earlier in this thread where sent on the 15th this month, and I read the SCBL ignores reports older than 14 days. I think I got listed because of those three reports in combination with a spamtrap, and that the reason I got de-listed so quickly yesterday/today (when date became 29th) is that the 3 reports are 14 days ago and one spamtrap 'alert' wouldn't be enough to keep me listed?

Yet again, another pointer to the FAQ that you don't seem to be looking at (??)

In this case, under the SpamCop Blocking List Service section is an entry titled What is on the list? There's some math, some details, explanation of the calculations .. both for getting listed and de-listed.

Edit: ok, after posting this, I see comments posted by others while I was composing this one, including the Topic starer ... It is apparent that this particular FAQ item was researched ... thanks for that.

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Anyway, if any one of you, or a deputy can confirm that the on the 15th they SC didn't receive mail from my IP on a spamtrap address


The only way you MIGHT get that information is to email the deputies. I think you have already been provided the address. Explain your situation and ask nicely, which never hurts. They will not give you the spamtrap address but might be able to tell you when the hits started and also if you are hitting more than one trap.
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BTW:  No on can report spam more than 24 hours old.


For the record, the report window is 48 hours per the FAQ

I also just completed a test

message 2.2 days old - too old to report

message 42 hours old was able to report

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Rebuilding as suggested would shrink the list a lot even under the most ideal circumstances (while I don't spam in the first place). Let me just say that is far from necessary, 'if' it is caused by a spamtrap, because <snip>


Statements like this actually prove that you are a spammer, at least in one sense of the term. You would rather keep people on your list that are not interested in being there. Anyone who wanted to remain on the list would reply. If you are concerned that someone might have missed you request to re-register, you could resend a 2nd letter, say 30 days latter, asking them if they would like to re-subscribe.

It seems that your policy is "once subscribed (regardless of how you happened to get on the list in the first place), you are subscribed forever, unless you take the extra effort to unsubscribe".

If you want to avoid being reported, it is important that every name on the list actually wants to receive your mail.

Next issue to consider, especially with large ISP is that email addresses get recycled. One person closes an account / address and someone else creates an new account / address using the same name. Mail sent to this address would be considered spam and a valid confirmed opt in that was several years old would carry no weight at all in supporting your case that you are not a spammer.

I would also think that some IT professional may be using company position addresses that get transfered to their replacements. Now will the replacement consider the message spam?

Face it, any mailing list gets old with time and should be cleaned up.

Also remember that SpamCop is a very easy list to get off of, Stop sending messages to people that do not want them and in a fairly short period of time you are removed. There are a lot of other lists in use that are nearly impossible to get off of, and at the rate you are going, I would expect that you will find yourself on one or more of the in the future.

One thing in your favor is the magnitude readings in Senderbase: a 3.4 average and a matching last 30 day average combined with a one day spike to 4.5 would support your claim of a twice a month mailing to 40,000 members and the 10% increase in the last 30 days average would also support the partial resending of your list in error.

But the fact remains that there are addresses on your list that should not be there and unless you do something to remove them you will keep getting listed by SpamCop from time to time. The choice is yours, clean up the list or accept the results.

One more thing to note is that most IT professionals receive several free mail subscriptions that they must re-subscribe to annually. Why should email lists be any different?

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