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Thoughts / comments on Privacy


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Follow up taken to the Lounge, due to the multiple subjects addressed ... original response is found at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=547

Original subject was "munging of an e-mail address in OE for the purpose of posting into newsgroups"

"Privacy" issues arise fairly often, is there a place for information like this in the FAQs?  I don't see it covered already (but the labyrinth ...)

I would say nothing directly, though a couple of the "other sites" listed towards the bottom at least touch the subject. I haven't actually gone through the site I just added today to that list. Think I'll agree that there isn't currently a section in the version of the FAQ for this kind of stuff at present. (man, folks talk about not being able to find stuff now in there <g>)

Considering the definition in the SC Glossary the thought arises it would be nice to have some content/substance somewhere given that it is all part of the spam fight scene, useful and SC-specific cautions linked to "material changes" and so on.  Besides which, all the work which went into the replies begs conservation.  First thought was "How to ..." but, as usual there other possibilities/splits.

Can't argue at all. However, there's going to have to be some serious thought in where/how to star, how far to go, and even when 'enough is enough' <g>

Connected only in terms of "privacy" - the Forum name = e-mail address lack of response.  A few members want to receive spam, for the rest I guess the "last active" dates might be instructive.  Perhaps some way to extract and sort that data would be a useful administrative tool (if there might be some reliance on forum announcements for member communication)?  Not to mention survey validity.


Well, I'd already pointed out that I know some of these folks haven't been back since registering. A few just haven't visited in a long while, assumedly whatever issue drove them here went away ... which I also think feeds into even those that are 'current' . being so focused on a specific issue, there's no time or desire to read any extraneous stuff.

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