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Tracing meds site.......again


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so, does this mean - no need to worry, because anyway, they will not do anything about this spamvertising act, and i should not refresh report page to resolve? Something likeĀ  - no great deal, let them do what they're upto, we do not care etal?


SpamCop reporting of spamvertized sites - some philosophy ... found in the version of the SpamCop FAQ here ...

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More to the point, and regardless of the "web host" (or redirector), I believe the spammer is Michael Lindsay. I get these spams (e.g., "quickestreach.com" - Viagra/Cialis, Fake watch, mortgage -> Kuvayev) at an address that is spammed solely by Lindsay. Note, his internetco.com/fonestream.net was recently kicked off of Savvis. Give them props.

He's currently using affinity.com (valueweb.net) as his primary BP connectivity, including that for his bogus registrars (DNS proxies / zombie controllers), which are set up using his new primestream.com.

We're blocking their and plan to expand to more of Level3 as is apparently necessary.

Their is SOA "Telefonica Data USA" (ustdata.net) although they are transferring currently by means of>Cogent.

USTDATA is, among others, and, the latter transferring to, MCI; and to, VERIO.

Rather than go after the totally clueless Koreans, I recommend people ask their service providers to block Lindsay's service providers.

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