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FAQ Entry: How does SpamCop interface with SURBL?

Jeff G.

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Per the third paragraph on SURBL -- Usage:

The SpamCop-URI-derived SURBL can be found in scsc.surbl.org. It includes both domain name an reversed-numeric addresses of SpamCop-reported spam sites in the standard formats: spamdomain.com.sc.surbl.org for name-based references, and for numbered references. Matching references return an Address (A) Resource Record of and a Text (TXT) Resource Record currently reading: "Message body contains SpamCop spamvertised domain." In other words, it looks like a typical RBL.
A few links later, the real source is identified: SpamCop's list of Spamvertised Web Sites with reporting in progress at http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=inprogress&type=www.
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