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Reporting spam in a different account


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I have two email addresses. I only report the spam that goes to the first account. But i don't want the abuse desk replies to go to the first account. Can i set up a report account for the second mail account and report the spam from the first account there? The mailhosts shouldn't matter. Both accounts are at the same freemail provider.

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I am not quite sure I fully understand your question but will provide some information for you anyway.

1) The odds of getting any replies from abuse desks using spamcop reporting is very low especially if you have selected in your preferences "Forward only replies from sentient people" I have yet to receive a single report.

2) The replies are never sent direct to your email address. All replies are sent to a special SpamCop address which will then forward the replies to your address.

3) You can change the email address you want replies sent to by going to preferences and selecting "Change Email address or name" and fill in the box below "Where would you like to receive email responses from your reports?" with the address you want to use.

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Any spam you submit will have responses sent to your "registered account e-mail address" .... Specific example;

your registered account -> something[at]somplace.com

you cut/paste your spam from otheraddress[at]cheapwebemail.com into the box at your logged-in www.spamcop.net web page ....

If the ISP should respond to that resulting complaint, that e-mail would be forwarded to your something[at]someplace.com address ...

if you Forward your spam submittal from sillyname[at]yahoo.com, you'd submit that to your "registered" reporting account and the resulting "your spam was recived" e-mail would be sent to the address on record of that reporting account ...

short answer: yes

(but why?)

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