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A new type of spam


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This a new type of spam that I hate. The reason that I really hate it is because when I click on Report Message as spam it is to, Send a copy of the message to the Abuse Team at mailcity.com/lycos.com, which is one of my ISP(s) for e-mail, and Delete the message. When I pressed that button it did not delete the message :o.


Headers of message...

Edit: the entire (massive) spam was posted below .... the whole point of providing the Tracking URL is to prevent the posting of spam in here ... sucking up disk space, sucking up screen space, of very little value in most cases due to the white-space issues of this application .... Headers (and entire spam body) was deleted from this posting .....

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Pretty hard to guess at the "won't delete" issue ... nothing mentioned about the tools in use, what Operating System, what steps are taken to force a Delete or if it's at all possible .... way to much guessing involved at present ....as a matter of fact, I'm not sure I even see an issue that concerns SpamCop yet .... perhaps there may be a connection to a SpamCop filtered E-Mal Account, yet this was posted in the Reporting Help Forum section ...???? (and the only Reporting mentioned was to Lycos ...???) .. Off to the Lounge with this one also ....

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Currently, the parse at that Tracking URL says in part:

If reported today, reports would be sent to:

Re: (Administrator of IP block - statistics only)


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