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Kavkaz Center


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I was getting a ton of spam from Kavkaz Center - a "news" web site I never heard of before. Alot of the spams weren't from Kavkaz Center, but from different sources. I know this - I reported them.

After I reported them, more came in - with notes inside insisting they were "NOT spam, now". :rolleyes: "They're a real news website with unsubscribe link, now." :rolleyes:

OK - I clicked and - YES! they are a real news website. Or, maybe it just looks real. :P

Today's spam reads:

ATTENTION! Administration of Kavkaz-Center informs

that russian special services in an effort to carry out

a provocation are sending out unsolicited emails (spam)

to internet users on behalf of our agency.

!!!Kavkaz-Center notifies that it has no relation to


Visit us to read hot news:

"Taliban corpses used for propaganda"

"30 enemy soldiers killed and wounded in southern Chechnya"

and more...


We have unsubscribe form on site. It's easy to use it:

write there your email adress :

(. . .me yeah. . .)

and press "Unsubscribe" button. Don't complain, please!

We will never unsubscribe complainers!


If there are spam Cop Forum No Nos above, I apologize. :o

Just wondering what this News Website might be up to here

and yeah ... it's funny. :)

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