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Reported but no mail comes....


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Ok i guess it anti spamcop today or so cause as i read of a maintenance?

But not on this "date"..

so i reported tons of idiot spammers but i dont get the mails to finish it...

So whats next?

Suddenly tomorrow i get a few hundred all at once ?

And you think ill finish it ?

Dont think so.,...i just hit that button delete unreported ********..

Nice work :(

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As previously suggested, there are several FAQ entries in the SpamCop FAQ here talking to issues of problems with e-mails in the reporting process .... there are also some suggested troubleshooting steps offered ...

As a general rule, feedback that "explains" what happened is appreciated, mostly by the folks that show up in the future and notice that your Subject Line is exactly the problem they're having .... jumping in reading this dialog will kind of leave most folks "wanting more" .....

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