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Ability to forward spam with personal comments


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I would like the ability, when I forward spam, to include my personal comments and opinions about it. I found out the SpamCop parser tries to parse my comment if I put it in the forwarding message. I suspect other destinations I might include in the to list have the same problem with it. Although SpamCop could provide for a comments area, I believe the anti-spam community as a whole needs to agree on a standard to allow comments to be entered in a prescribed format, such as <comment> ... </comment>.

I forward to two or three uce or spoof addresses, in addition to Spamcop, when it seems appropriate. I report as a mole, and besides I might decide not to report via sc after seeing the parse, so including these as additional report destinations doesn't help.

I see this as a long-term proposal, to get a number of spam-receiving addresses to accept comments. I also would like to eventually see a spam-forwarding faq that would guide the novice user where to send specific types of mail.

An example message body:

A forwarded message is attached.


The spamcop.net and ebay.com sites appear to be innocent bystanders


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Since you "report as a mole", your "reports" aren't going anywhere, except SpamCop's statistics. If you choose to stop being a "mole" (consult your preferences), you will have the opportunity to send actual Reports to ISPs, including "Additional notes (optional - max 2000 characters)".

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Actually the current method of forwarding spam as attachments does allow for comments in the body of the master message used to attach the attachments.

The only problem is that nobody is going to read the comments, so it becomes a total waste of time.

As stated by others, adding comments to the original message is a violation of the rules and suffers for the same problem as adding them to the master message, in that nobody at SpamCop is going to read them. It is an automated system which is currently handling on average 4 spam messages every second of every day or approx 1/3 of a million messages per day. There is just no practical way of dealing will comments attached to spam messages.

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