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[Resolved] Forum feature request


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Yes, it is at present, to compensate for a laptop with a bum backlight that I can't afford to replace right now.  Scrollbars usually let me compensate for the larger font size, but not in this case.


Based on sample screen shots posted elsewhere by Jeff G. ....

Horizontal isn't that bad, even word-wrapping in one spot, so not that concerned about that aspect ... vertically, options menu is cut off ... hmmmm ...

.css doesn't actually hit that dimension ...

	background:#FF0000] <BAD URL> [/color];
	border: 1px solid #C2CFDF;
	border-bottom: 0;
	border-left: 0;
	font-weight: bold;
	margin: 1px 0 0 0;
	padding: 6px;
	width: 25%;

so guess I'm back to the original comment, the java scri_pt that sets the size of the comment field .... but what I was thinking of (the different window sizes in the code I whacked) didn't make any sense in the pictures you supplied .... eventually, it dawned on ne .. I'm looking at the "Edit" window for each of those three functions ... OK, so off to look at some of the application code itself ... different login, different tools, ..... run smack into a nice 'little' file ... runs a check on what browser is doing the talking, error if it isn't on the list of 'supported' browsers, then a whole set of "magic" code bits to manipulate the spell 'window' .. gecko gets a height adjustment, Opera gets both a height and width adjustment, etc., etc., etc. .. then noting that each browser also has its own .CSS file under this application, including setting up the font sizes and parameters for the menu options .....

Obviously, a fair amount of time has been spent on getting this to work and fit under each environment .... [not too happy looking at "playing around" in this section on a live system (pointing out that the first complaint had to have been less than a minute after I'd brought the new skin data into play ...)]

Buttons/links cut off at the bottom are links to Mirriam-Webster for their Dictionary and Thesaurus .... (I'd guess still clickable??) Below that are the OK and Cancel buttons, both 'simulated' by closing the window (or completing the spell-check, such that all the menu options for that process disappear and the OK/Cancel buttons 'slide' up into view .....

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