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How to use Thunderbird to report multiple emails


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Copied from a post by PGTips91 aka Paul G. Taylor

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First, the settings in Thunderbird;

Edit > Preferences

Composition Tab 'Forward messages: as attachment'

Advanced Tab, Privacy 'Block loading of remote images in mail messages'

Second, how to report spam in blocks.

I have set my preferences with my ISP so that their filtering does not pre-filter any spam I receive and I allow Thunderbird to do the filtering. This suits me as the number of spam emails I get is rather low and I want to report them all. With Bayesian filtering in place most spam find their way directly to my 'Junk' folder in Thunderbird.

After a quick review to ensure that no genuine emails are included, I do the following: --

1) Select all spam that I wish to forward. [easy if view set to 'Recent']

1.1) Edit > Select All

1.2) Ctr +A

1.3) Select the first, scroll to the last, holding the 'Shift' key down click on the last to select all from first to last.

2) Right-click on the selection and choose 'Forward as attachments'.

This will open a new email with all selected spam emails included as attachments.

3) Enter my SpamCop forwarding address in the 'To' field.

With the address already set up in my address book, all it takes is to type 'sp'[enter] to select the forwarding


4) Send email with no 'body' required and 'Subject' optional, and wait for it to be acknowledged.

5) Once I have the acknowledgment back, go to my SpamCop web page for reporting spam [http://www.spamcop.net/], sign in and click on the link which says 'You have unreported spam'.

6) Review the output and when satisfied send the reports.

6.1 )The biggest difficulty I have is to get the parser to recognise some embedded URLs. I have found that using the 'Back' button in Firefox to go back to the 'Report spam' page and input the URL [copied from the report] by itself. This may need to be repeated too but usually gets over the hurdle and reports the Spamvertised site as well as the sending URL when I again click the 'You have unreported spam' button.

7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until done.

I keep Firefox open with my Web Mail on one Tab, SpamCop reporting on another and DNS Stuff

[http://www.dnsstuff.com/] on another. That way I can monitor what is going on and research stuff easily.

This scheme works for me as I have a small load to deal with. Others might like to comment on what works for them.

Paul G. Taylor

Auckland, NZ

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