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Researching Outlook filters - Advice needed


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I realize that this may not be the best forum to post this in but...

The boss asked me to stay late & research some client side Outlook filtering software (a long story - don't ask). One of the packages, spam Killer 4, is located on a site called spamcop.com.

IIRC spamcop.com are total spamming scumbags? I think i have received spam from these people in the past. I also thought I read something about this outfit on this NNTP server (the search did not return anything I could used as an argument to not buy their product). Need some opinions about this outfit. Are they scum?

Secondly anyone know of any good filtering software for Outlook that.

A. runs on the client computer.

B. Needs to interface with MAPI (cannot use POP3 here)

C. Somthing Baysian based would be nice.

D. Easy to use - the ones screaming for this are M0-r0ns with the power to fire people.


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Suggest filtering/blocking at the server.

They will always be morons without any guidance. Step up to the plate and suggest something that works, who knows, maybe they will take your suggestion and you could be promoted to moron status :D

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Yes, stay away from spamcop.com.

There are many other "client side" tools, SpamPal gets good reviews, latley there've been a lot of K9 suggestions ... but to go further with Merlyn's suggstion of a server based tool ... if "you" recommend a client-side thing, will "you" also be on the hook to train all the users on how to apply said tool, train the Bayesian, etc.

As far as recommending server-side stuf, the networking system you've got set up would need to be defined .. eunning your own servers? What software / OS / etc. Corporate mode of Outlook could suggest an Exchange server whch carries a lot of bad baggage all by itself ...

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Thanks for the confirmation about spamcop.com (aka giantcompany.com).

As for putting in a server side soln - this is in the works. It too is my prefered solution. Problem is the the clients (elected officials) want a soln NOW NOW NOW.

The boss told me to find something that will "shut them up" for a while. I really do not want to implement somthing like this as we will have to end up supporting it as long as we have been supporting the mainframe applications.

Ah well I'm just one of the peons so....What can ya do? I wrote the document in a way as to highlight the flaws in this software. We shall see.

Thanks also for the tip about spampal had not heard of that one & it didn't show up in a Google search.

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