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GMail FAQ instructions


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Ebay has this page on reading headers:


and it links to the spamcop page on header-reading for different email programs here:


IMHO, it would be a Good Thing to add the gmail header-reading instructions to that Spamcop page. I've already contacted haltabuse.org about the same thing missing at their page.

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I'm confused, handled things the best I can figure out .... this post was originally placed at SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > Suggested Tools and Applications > Gmail Invitations ... but as seen, it has nothing to do with taking someone up on the offered GMail invitations ... split this post out from that Topic, made a new Topic out of this post and then moved it into the "New Feature Request forum section, seen as the most applicable ....????

Then one sees that this data was then posted as a new entry in the existing discussion found at SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > How to use .... > SpamCop Reporting > Submitting from Google's GMail, Web-page paste and e-mail which also seems like the wrong spot for this post, as there are no "instructions" on dealing with reporting from GMail ....

It's obvious that the history of the "official" SpamCop.net FAQ and the data found within this Forum is not known by this poster. The effort, suggestion, and what research was done is appreciated, but .....

PM sent to try and advise of this movement and handling of posted data ....

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IMHO, it would be a Good Thing to add the gmail header-reading instructions to that Spamcop page.   



benb I don't use gmail and wouldn't know the process. If you are familiar with gmail providing the instructions would be a good way to positively contribute to this user to user forum. If you post the instructions to this thread, one of the moderators, I'm sure, will be glad to move it to the appropriate place in the FAQ.

Thanks in advanced.

Of course reading thread http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3581&hl=

would also work.

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