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[Resolved] Spam reporting is dead?


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But, NOT any of the people who have not made a reporting error, but want to contact you about a particular reporting problem.  IMHO, that is the point.  Not everyone knows where the 'wild' is and unless something has gone wrong previously, has no idea how to contact the 'official' support.

No, that's not the point. My explanation was about how *Tingo* got my address, not about how somebody else *should* get my address. It explained how someone *might* get my address without having to first come here.

And some people do not want to have responders 'guess' as I did, how one would have access to that address - even if it was a pretty good guess.

That's only important to you. People who come here for help don't care if you don't want to guess how they didn't get my address.

What they want is the address.  They don't want anyone saying that this needs to be known before they can be helped, etc.

Then give them my address and don't gig them for not knowing.

  They want someone in authority to say that it will be fixed.  They do not want to hear that they can do this or that in order to fix it.  Not everyone, of course, but there are enough who are annoyed that it is not the first thing they see after hitting the 'help' button, that another 'user' who tries to help is attacked.  And they are especially not interested in helping to make the FAQ more visible so that they wouldn't need an address.

Such is life. You're not obligated to help them.

All of this should no longer be in this topic because it has nothing to do with the original poster and his problem.

Yet you keep posting about it.

- Don -

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Topic started by a user with many issues, most self-created, as it turns out. I don't see the possibility of gracefully extracting portions of this Topic wthout also editing certain posts, which also is not my style of rule here. Therefore, as the issues have been dealt with off-line, some of the personal details are to remain personal, there isn't much here of value as a "Help" discussion for future readers. As it isn't a "Help" type discussion, then it seems it would fall closer to a "rant" type thing. Therefore, this is being moved to the Lounge area, which was set up for "items other than those specified in the other Forum sections and descriptions."

As this particular Topic/Discussion includes commentary that has also spawned (at least) a half-dozen other Topics elsewhere dealing with subjects other than this user's original remarks and concerns, this specific Topic/Discussion is now closed. Continued discussion about the separate issues of support by Forum may be handled in any of those other Topics.

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