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What are the rules for posting to the forum?


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Since the following is already part of the Forum FAQ, I have decided to post it in the lounge. I felt that it needed to be reviewed by all and the easy way to do that is simply to make it appear as a new topic. It is taken from the Official SpamCop FAQ.

What are the rules for posting to the forum?
  1. If you are referring to a problem with a particular spam, please be sure to include the tracking URL in your post. SpamCop dispenses a new, unique, tracking URL every time you submit a spam. Some people collect them.
  2. DO NOT post the headers or the output from SpamCop. Just the tracking URL. Posts which include the actual spam message will be deleted without comment.
  3. Normal netiquette and common sense rules also apply.

Everyone is encouraged to post. No question is too dumb (unless it's covered here in the FAQ). The forum is a place for new users to learn as well as a place for feedback. Expert users are often happy to answer questions about SpamCop or just spam in general.

What are the rules for posting to the forum?
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