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Here's a recent trend that has me baffled..


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First question .. is there a special reason for posting the spam in addition to the Tracking URLs? Have you seen the "View entire message" link on one of those parse pages? If there was something unique that's not available from the Tracking URL pages, then ignore this, I suppose .. but you made no notes about something "missing" .....????

Neither sample has an Character-Type: lines, no charset: variables .... not normal

both are seen coming from "mail" servers, turns out both of these are running qmail (probably nothing significant, just noted data) ... no real bogosity in the header "chain" ... though not legible here ot via the Tracking URL pages, content seems similar enough, coupled with the bad header construct, it'd be pretty easy to point at some viral infection behind this spew. Of course, that would beg the question as to just where your e-mail address got snared in the output list ....

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