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Headers not found.

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I am trying to register a host to mailhost.

I am using Outlook 2002.

I have successfully registered an Internet ISP by copying and pasting the View -> Options -> Internet Headers section into the top and the body of the email into the bottom of MailHost Return.

When I try to register the account from the Exchange server, using the above method, I get the "Headers not found." error. I know there are copious amounts of Outlook/Exchange Header not found posts - but I could not find a solution other than what I have performed above, which is not working in my case.

I have tried forwarding the email as an attachment, and also a new mail with the headers obtained from View->Options->Internet headers and the body.

They all return "Headers not found.".

Any ideas?

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Please email that info (don't munge anything) to the SpamCop Deputies via deputies[at]spamcop.net with a Subject that includes "Mailhosts". They should be able to either fix it for you or advise you on the best way to proceed.

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