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Unable to Un-Munge individual reports


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1st question in years of SC usage (thanks, btw!):

In reporting this weeks drek from Holland America, I went to click on the "un-munge" checkbox so that my pals at Savvis.net would be sure to get a copy of their pets latest spew. To my surprise, I could not turn the checkbox on! It looks like it may get turned on for a split-second, but then goes back to unclicked/off mode.

What gives? I'd like to leave my reporting preferences as munged for general usage, but I'd also like to be able to unmunge for specific reporting addresses/use.

Am I missing something?


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Maybe clear your cache and delete your SpamCop cookies?


Reasonable suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn't help - problem still exists.

It really looks like the checkbox is marked for a split second and then cleared - weird!

OS X 10.3.9, Safari 1.3.2

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