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Can't log in to SC Reports


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Hi gang;

I assume it is temporary; but SC Reports won't accept my login request.

I get the message: login failure .. no user ID found.

I reset cookies to ensure they were OK and I made sure CAPs were off.

I can login to Discussions OK


boundary bay, bc

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Hmmmmmm ... I just logged into www.spamcop.net with no problem ... ??? maybe it'll take a bit for the graphic to show that it might be back up???

or might there be a connection to "this" server having an issue about 20 minutes ago ....???? another hmmmmmm

we're actually talking about serveral different servers, located on both coasts of the U.S. .... this side of things seems to be working (for right now anyway) ...

single line input works - SpamCop v 1.516 Copyright © 1998-2005

just cancelled a spam parse .. so it is working ..????

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