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Spam Cop Copy of Report (Parsed)


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I used to get a copy of the report that spam Cop sends out sent to my POP account.  I no longer receive any copies.  Has there been a change or is this service no longer provided.


We will probably need a little more information to determine exactly which report you are talking about, but in general, no there has not been a change I am aware of.

a>There are "Subject: SpamCop Quick reporting data" messages sent for each batch of quick reports sent.

b>There are "Subject: SpamCop has accepted 1 email for processing" messages for each batch of messages emailed to your submit.* submission address.

c>There are daily/weekly "you have held mail" reports which I think still work.

d>There is the possibility you setup your account to send you "Personal copies of outgoing reports".

e>There is a possibility you setup your account to send you "Public standard report recipients".

f>ISP accounts also can receive reports.

Which type of report are you expecting to see? I would guess a> or d>.

Also, this probably should not be in the SmapCop Email System & Accounts forum. A moderator will likely move it shortly as it seems to be a reporting side of the house issue.

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Sorry for the mispost, I thought this was for spam Cop Mail since I subscribe to spam cop.  And it is (a) that I am talking about, spam Cop quick reporting data.


It is not a big deal, I was just asking the moderators to move it. This is the correct site, just the wrong part of the site. Sometimes these issues are parts of multiple forums.

Now that we know what type of report, I can say that I got a Quick report reply this morning. Some things were delayed through the spamcop email service because of the problem I mentioned in the Announcements section last night.

How long have you been missing reports? If just last night, it is possible the email service problem is related.

Also, these 2 links from the FAQ may help:



It is also possible that spamcop received a bounce and has turned off the sending of messages.

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I have deleted the mispost and moved the Topic from the SpamCop Email System & Accounts Forum, and I concur with StevenUnderwood's assessment, as I have already gotten five instances of "SpamCop Quick reporting data" in the past 20 minutes.

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