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Silly new spammer trick


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http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z895259508z62...e2967fba25cd6az is the tracking URL.

Could be a little revenge perhaps - but can't see how comcast would be seriously inconvenienced though (or that any spammer would have a serious beef with comcast - they're not noted for devoting excessive resources to the spam question in any event).

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The spammer is pasting 'comcast.com' & 'comcas.net' in the html coding, so in-experienced reporters and those not paying attention will send reports to Comcast's backbone/host.


Since this is simply a report of a spamvertised URL this will have no effect on Comcast other than to send the relevant address reports that someone is including their URL in Emails.

Similarly for the company that has comcas.net registered.


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