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I'm on the SORBS hit list..?


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I happened to be doing an IP lookup and just on a whim entered my own as well, and was shocked to see that I'm on the SORBS hit list!!

I registered with them and filed a support request immediately.

The following is their reply and I haven't the faintest idea what they are talking about.

From: SORBS Support \(lem\)

Date: 03/25/06 21:14:32

To: xxxxx[at]xxxx.com

Subject: [sorbs.net #70828] Need help with (support form)


*** Collection of IP space considered dynamic

(Dynamic rDNS)

(rDNS with too short TTL)

The IP address space identified above is listed in SORBS DUHL

list. The IP space _not_ depicted above, is _not_ listed in SORBS DUHL

or is eligible for delisting.  More information about this list can be

found here (Please read this information thoroughly)


IP Addresses with defined rDNS and a TTL longer than 43200 seconds,

have been included because they seem to point to a dynamic IP

address. According to our policies, we cannot delist said IP address

until actions explained below, are completed in your part.

Names that look generic (ie, include the IP address or a part of it,

mention the keywords "pool", "ppp", "customer", etc) are considered

by us as an indicator of the IP address being dynamically assigned.

Note that SORBS tools may cache its results for up to 48

hours. Therefore, if you've recently changed your DNS configuration or

intend to do so, please wait before asking us to review your case.

*** IP Space with a TTL too short

The TTL for the reverse DNS name (rDNS) of the IP address space

identified above, is less than the minimum we accept for delisting,

43200 seconds. According to our policies, we cannot delist an address

whose rDNS has a TTL lower than this value. Note that we recommend

setting the TTL to 86400 seconds at least.

We are setting this ticket to 'Rejected', as an action is required

in your part before we can update our lists regarding the IP address

you wrote us about. After one or more of the three options set forth

above has been implemented, please reopen this ticket and we will

re-evaluate your case.

If you choose to modify your current DNS configuration, it is very

important that you verify the correctness of your changes with a third

party before asking us to review your case. This will help us all to

help you faster. A reliable third party is the "Reverse DNS Lookup

tool" available at http://www.dnsstuff.com/

Also, the tools used by SORBS can cache DNS lookup results for up to

48 hours. Please make sure to wait at least this time before

requesting a review of this case or submitting a related one.

If you find this instructions too complicated or don't understand what

they mean, please ask your ISP for support - Showing this answer to them

is also a good idea.

Your options at this time, are as follows:

(1) Send your email through your ISP's mail servers, as suggested in

various places at our website.

- or -

(2) Have your DNS data modified so that the listed IP address has a

clearly non-dynamic rDNS. We suggest that you include the keyword

"static" on this name, to avoid future listings. Also, insure that the

TTL is set to no less than 43200 seconds (we recommend 86400).

To comply with RFC1912 you must have a matching A record for every PTR


- or -

(3) Ask your ISP to get in touch with SORBS with the list of dynamic

and static IP allocations within its network, so that our DUHL list

can be updated. Note that many large ISPs do this periodically to

reduce the inconvenience to its users. In this case, the communication

must come from a RIR contact for the affected IP space.

Also note that if you adjust your DNS configuration properly, you may

be able to use the automated delisting facility at


This facility can allow you to quickly delist IP addresses under your

control without intervention of SORBS' staff.

Thank you

SORBS Support

I tried their quick delisting which failed.. "No acceptable MX records found".

If this is in the wrong section, please forgive me and move it appropriately, thanks.

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You offer no data dealing with the running of an e-mail server.

03/26/06 05:28:44 Slow traceroute

Trace ... RTT: 65ms TTL: 32 (gw01.bloor.phub.net.cable.rogers.com fraudulent rDNS) RTT: 62ms TTL: 32 (gw03.bloor.phub.net.cable.rogers.com fraudulent rDNS) RTT: 62ms TTL: 32 (cmts01.bloor.phub.net.cable.rogers.com ok)

* * * failed

* * * failed

There appears to be a firewall right after (hop 8) that blocks ICMP, unwanted UDP, and unwanted TCP packets.

telnet 25

could not open a connection to

IP address:

Reverse DNS: cpe000cf1c621da-cm000a73a944f1.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com.

Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]

ASN: 812


IP range connectivity: 1

Registrar (per ASN): ARIN

Country (per IP registrar): CA [Canada]

Country Currency: CAD [Canada Dollars]

Country IP Range: to

Country fraud profile: Normal

City (per outside source): Toronto, Ontario

Private (internal) IP? No

IP address registrar: whois.arin.net

Known Proxy? No PTR record: CPE000cf1c621da-CM000a73a944f1.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com. [TTL 1800s] [A=]

I guess the real question of the moment ... it's on Sorbs, but so what?

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Hi Wazoo,

I'm not on a server...just one PC connected via lan/high-speed cable to the Rogers network. I'm using McAfee Firewall Plus.

I guess you are right....so I'm on the Sorbs list....big deal.

It just surprised me that's all.

They go on about increasing my TTL to 86400 or something like that...well I can't. (Not that I'm very sure about that either). Also that my IP address appeared to be dynamic...it isn't it's fixed.

I copied Rogers to see what they have to say....probably nothing knowing them.


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A bit of semantics involved is all ... the old "dial-up" description was based on a user basically getting a 'new / different' IP address every time a net onnection was made. Although most Cable/DSL connections these days end up being a bit static, unless you are paying extra, they aren't really classified as such, rather just another address in a pool that the ISP has set aside for customer use. This client base would normally be configured to use other ISP assets for the rest of the package, i.e., sending/receiving e-mail via a server administered by the ISP.

The settings mentioned would only come into play if "you" were administrating the server/system providing services at that IP address (typically setting up the Domain package that would be sitting there) .... in this case, the only setting that would impact you would basically be the lease time that allowed you to "own" that address for a while.

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Well, I take back all the bad things I've said about my ISP in the past!! :unsure:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for emailing the Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet Electronic

Support team. We appreciate hearing from our subscribers regarding our


As we do appreciate your concerns regarding your issue, please be

advised that a ticket WFR00402439 is currently under investigation, in

regards to the Rogers SMTP mail server IP addresses being

blacklisted with the SORBS/DSBL. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Although the above ticket does not specifically reflect a client IP

address, the matter may be related. You may want to confirm with

SORBS/DSBL via URL shown below.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding our service,

please fill out the online form on our Customer Support page listed

below or contact us by phone at 1-888-288-4663.


Anil M.

Rogers Yahoo!Hi-Speed Internet

Electronic Support Group

Customer Support: http://help.yahoo.com/rogers


Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Support


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Well, I take back all the bad things I've said about my ISP in the past!! :unsure:


Steady on - no need to go overboard. I think every large organization has within it a Vigilance Committee, charged with the elimination of all vestiges of competency (not cynical, just experienced). Tell me when Rogers (how apposite!) have actually done something and I may be forced to resile :)
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