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For a week or two I have not been able to report any spam properly. I have read the topic about IPs not being reported accurately, but surely something can be done. Every single report comes back with the message 'Nothing to do'.


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If you read Ellen's remarks, then you know what needs to be done .. your two subject companies have to get their stuff squared away and stop the random IP insertion into the headers ... I'm not sure what else you think "should" or "could" be done at the SpamCop end ... maybe it'd help if I reposted a further set of remarks by Ellen, again from over in the newsgroups;


It is not a question of seeing good headers, it is an issue of having gotten

mail from those 2 large companies complaining about reports where *their*

IPs appeared in the headers where they shouldn't have.

Specifically in this header line:

Received: from not_an_IP_for_btinternet_not_even_close (EHLO


(not an IP for btinternet, not even close) by mta804.mail.ukl.yahoo.com

with SMTP; Wed, 25 Feb 2004 21:23:09 +0000

So there is something decidedly wrong with the servers (examples from at

least 2 different servers) as they are sticking in -- in some cases --

random IPs that belong to other companies altho yes, I have seen headers

where they put in the correct IPs. The problem is that I cannot let the

parser continue on past this header when some percentage, no matter how

small it might be, are wrong.


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Thanks for the reply - I do not understand enough about how email works so I wasn't sure if it was BT/Yahoo at fault or someone else.

Has anyone rattled the cage at BT/Yahoo?


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