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[Resolved] Spamcop account closed without warning

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Hi, one of our customers had an account with spamcop which seems to have vanished. This could well be due to their non-payment of a bill but as the account has been effectively deleted we are unsure where to turn to check this.

We wish to re-instate the account at the earliest opportunity but don't have anyone to contact with credit card details etc. If possible could a mod either post back here with the relavent details or PM them to me please.

Thanks very much


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FWIW, we just needed to visit http://mail.spamcop.net/account_renew.php


And that could have been found by following either of the SpamCop FAQ links at the top if the page, jumping or scrolling down to the SpamCop Email System & Accounts section and following the link titled How do I renew my account?

Glad you got it worked out. Thanks again for the feedback.

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