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Someone Cares?


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This morning I sent the following note to Grande Communications. Maybe they really do care?!


I noticed today that your company refuses reports from Spamcop about sites that you host that are being spamvertised. This seems very strange to me for a company that has "Where Values Count" as their trademark. Does this mean that you simply don't like spamcop reports, or that you don't care if you are hosting spamvertised websites? If it is the first of the options can you tell me how you prefer reporting to about sites that you host that are being spamvertised?

Thank you.



I just received the following reply:


Thank you for contacting us and bringing this issue to our attention.

We have reenabled the setting at Spamcop that allows the sending of those reports to us. The setting has been corrected and we will research this to ensure that it does not happen again in the future.

In the future, if this does happen, you are welcome to email us directly at abuse(at)grandecom.com to notify us of potential spam sites.

Robert Duncan

Grande Communications

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BRAVO, Louis !

Too bad there are so many ISPs who get the reports

but then do nothing about them.

I wish there were some way to "SHAME" those ISPs into

doing something about the spam their systems spew,

and the spamvertised sites they host. But, alas, they're

making too much money to even care.

BRAVO, Louis !

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