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Self Blocking


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Hi all,

I'm getting a lot of backscatter, mostly NDRs of spam messages.

My domain is apparently being spoofed in outgoing messages.

It would be great if I could intentionaly blacklist the domain for, say,

a week, to make the spammer desist.

This could be a new type of block list. It would be handy for holders

of inactive domains. Perhaps the domain owner could be authenticated

through the registrar to control the list (I could imagine GoDaddy adding

this as a feature).

Thoughts and suggestions?

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Personally, I don't really understand. Even if you set up a BL youerself to perform this action, the value of this would only be to those that chose to use that BL. Blocking by Domain isn't all that popular, especially when looking at some spammers burning though dozens of Domains a day. And just because a spammer chose to forge Google.com into the From: or Return: lines, I suspect that the resulting blocking action would be much worse that the traffic seen here on just the occasional listing of an IP or two of the entire Google server farm.

At any rate, the SURBL and AHBL currently exist. Both handle Domain names (though the submittal process doesn't match your model) and SpamAssassin allows both to be invoked ....????

Bottom line, I don't see how one could actually maintain such a list, keep it valid, current, and useful .... but, that's just me ....

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