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No, I have no idea what actually happened ... (well, technically I do .. just not "HOW") ... I was occupied with doing a test install of version 2.1.6 here ... went to fire up this version and found it dead to the world. Tried a few hundred things to 'fix' the existing, time went on and on .... I finally gave up on that and tossed on a copy of the backup file I made about 1030 GMT -5 this morning ... not sure how much got lost between that backup and the crash, but suspecting it was only a few posts between the Moderators (best I can recall .. I haven't even looked to see exactly when this thing crashed, actually)

Looking through some notes, it appears that I made the first re-boot attempt at around 1100 GMT -5 .... kind of backs up the "not-too-much" lost scenario, it being the typical slow week-end and all (for some <g>)

Any way, now going to start backtracking the logs to see if I can see exactly how it happened. Should be back to 'normal' for now .....

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