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[Resolved] Forum off-line


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Due to some as&%$oles with nothing better to do with their alleged smarts ... the upgade to 2.1.6 came before I was really ready for it. The Forum was taken off-line abut 1800 GMT -6 last nite .... the core of things is now up and running.

However, much of the modifications I made to the last one over the last couple of years are not present in this install. So, yes, I'm aware that some things look a bit different, some things work different, some things don't work at all, some things are now gone ....

For example, complaints have been that web-TV users can't post in this version ... I was wanting to wait until that was resolved, as we do have a number of these folks here. There's not been any word that this issue was resolved in the last half-dozen releases, but again, I was forced into doing the upgrade.

Anyway, it's gong to take a bit of time to bring this into line with what once was. Please bear with me/us in getting things back in order.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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