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Error in Reporting Spam

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Do you mean that your web site address was in the spam message and you reported it as a spamvertized site? If that's what happened, you need to contact your ISP and spamcop to register yourself as an innocent bystander.

Or do you mean that the IP address that spamcop found was your IP address? If so, that's a different problem.

Miss Betsy

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Hi, amanishakhete!

I received some spam at one of my mail accounts.  I reported it and I noticed that the spammer hijacked my website address and I accidently reported it to SpamCop.  What can I do to delete this black mark?

Please advise.

Thanks. :blink:

...Please have a look at Pinned: FAQ Entry: How can I unsend a report?. Hopefully that will answer your question. If not, please return and post a follow-up.

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