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[Resolved] blocking the whole of china


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It seems all spam email that get through to me and is reported to spamcop by me culminates in an email to cnc-noc.net.

Does any one have the ip range that these guys have so I can just block them from connecting to my mailserver?

Or even better the whole chinese ip range. (Though I am guessing that it is a fragmented range)

Thank you.

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This isn't a "Reporting" issue type of question .. doesn't involve the SpamCopDNSBL .... this subject is addressed in the E-mail Account section, but this query doesn't address the use of a SpamCop e-mail account ... therefore moving this to the Lounge .... noting that use of some of the "search" tools made available at the top of this screen wouuld have found a number of posts on this subject ...

PM sent to advise of the move ....

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