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Submitting Spam


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Hi All,

Hope I didn' repost similar questions or questions available around the forum. If I do , I'm sorry about it. I just cannot find any.

I just need to know if I submit a spam mail via the special unique email address spamcop has given. Do I need to action anything after that ?

coz I rec'd the report back.. I'm very puzzled by this liner.. do i have to click to finish report each spam mail I submit for reporting ? i'm getting like tons of spam daily.. this trash never ends... :(


SpamCop is now ready to process your spam.

Use links to finish spam reporting (members use cookie-login please!): http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=xxxxxxxxxxxxx...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Yes, you do. If you click on the link, it will take you to a web page and "Unreported spam Report Now" button. All the spam you submitted will be there so you don't have to open and click each autoresponse email you get back.

You can even go to the web page and start clicking after submitting spam.

If you are using OE (and maybe some others) you can highlight several spam and "forward as attachment" all at the same time. Just be sure that they total less than 100 KB.

Also if you are getting a ton of spam, only report as much as is easy for you - the latest, first. Or some people choose only porn, or some other criterion.

When you report, pay attention to the checkboxes. Usually, spamcop gets everything correct, but once in a while your ISP may be checked or you will see an obvious URL that the spammer has included that isn't a spam site (like the AMA in an herbal spam - just put there to make it look legitimate).

Miss Betsy

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I have a suggestion fitting the subject "reporting.... and then ??"

so I post it here rather that opening a new(?) subject :

I use the "forwarding multiple messages at once as attachments" technique to

report spam, but find 2 or 3 inconveniences to do so, that could rather easily be avoided:

1. most annoying and most easy to "fix" : after clicking on "Report Now" and sending the

report for a message, I come to the page "report sent to ...., report sent to ...."

There is no useful link thereafter, and clicking the "back" button would re-post the spam report,

so I have to search the "Welcome regstered user" page in the "history" (= back twice, in fact),

click again on "report now", etc.

It would be SO nice, if this famous "Report Now" link (corresponding to the NEXT message)

would just re-appear after the "sent report" confirmation page.

2. usually, my ("destination") e-mail address is nicely blanked out ( <x> ) in the

header for the spam report. But sometimes, (randomly for me), e.g. my fist name

remains (say, like " To: Firstname <x>")

and this completely removes all privacy (searching my firstname at my domain gives

a unique result with all my private information on personal pages in addition)

So, the algorithm of detection and elimination of my proper name should be improved,

also for the header and body of the message :

of course the spammers get it because my email address (professional one) is of the form

"Firstname.Lastname[at]..." - so I suggest that the whole message should be parsed

(case insensitive) for the words before the "[at]" sign in the destination address,

and all matches be eliminated (e.g., replaced by "X").

Also, when I copy-paste the message into the form on the Welcome page,

my Name and/or e-mail address remain (sometimes(?)) in the report :

is the copy-pasted message not treated in the same way than the forwarded one ?

Well, that's all I wanted to say (I packed multiple things into the "2"...)

apart from this, I find this service great and hope you'll get enough support to continue the fight more and more effectively...

(Do you also consider making available your database to institutions like police etc...

of USA and/or other countries (china !?) who try to investigate into this dark buisiness ?)

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