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New Parsing code broken - maybe fixed now?


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Official staff notified ... appearances would be yet another instance of some software engineers placing a new version of code in place, but .. no (or lack of) testing ????

Per my notes;

17 May 2006 - SpamCop v 1.564 Copyright © 1998-2005

24 May 2006 - SpamCop v 1.564.2.1 Copyright © 1998-2005

26 May 2006 - SpamCop v 1.573 Copyright © 1998-2005 (broken)

Results currently are not llsting out the selected targets for sending Reports to (other than Cyvielleance, but that's yet another story).... or a "Nothing to do" message.

.... well, as I was typing up this announcement, the scri_pt appears to have been rolled back, now showing;

SpamCop v 1.564.2.1 Copyright © 1998-2005 again ....

will let this set for a bit in the off chance that there may be a multiple server issue .....

Just received a response from Don:

We're on it.
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