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[Resolved] SC webmail down?

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I see my legitimate mail stuck in the SC mail inbox and it wont leave! My email client is trying to pop it out with no success.

Trying to report spam from the help mail log didn't work either, had to do it from the webmail interface.

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No traffic in the newsgroups or here from anyone else ... (thus far?)

I get the webmail.spamcop.net login page to come up, you state that it even works ...

however, mailsc.spamcop.net isn't answering my telnet attempts ..??? That is the right address, isn't it?

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It appears to be a false alarm as far as the mail getting stuck. One item of mail was so large that my mail client was balking at downloading it. Had to deal with it at SC webmail interface.

The reporting page was sticky, but haven't gone back again to see if it's still that way.

Update..all is well now. Thanks.

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