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Unsolicited messages, no ads, talking about 11pm.


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In the last week or so I have received a number of unusual unsolicited messages. The headers indicate these originate probably from zombies in numerous top-level domains. Each message contains no advertising, no attachments no links and just a short apparently random, meaningless phrase about meeting someone at 11pm. The messages do not request a read receipt.

A couple of examples are:

Subject: for:)

Would you believe it?

after meet u 11 pm and unique first ....

Best regards,



Subject: glad & stiffnesses

Evening, landlord :)

made meet u 11 pm week their stats ....

Best regards,


Has anyone any idea what these might be? Perhaps some cryptic control codes for a zombie trojan instead of using the usual IRC method or maybe they're expecting people to reply asking what the message is about. I don't want to post all of the headers here but the reply-to addresses are in domains as diverse as cozygen.co.jp (some sort of T-shirt graphic design site) and relationship-growth.com (looks like a bogus relationship advice site).

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I haven't see spam like your but would guess it falls into the same category as the random number spam I have been getting lately.

Random number in the subject and in the body = maybe it has to do with today (06/06/06) or address list cleaning or just an amateur playing with a new toy?

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