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Open firewall to for Gwava to connect to bl.spamcop.net

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All our internet browsing goes through a proxy and our email is recieved directly from our service provider through Mailhost here in South Africa. We dont have direct Dns connection. I need to setup RBl and can have the rules set at the firewall to open the IP address and ports.

When i ping bl.spamcop.net i do not get a reply so i do not know what address to open up.

Does anyone know how i can take advantage Spamcop RBL's in my enviroment as we are having a huge problem with spam. I need to have the technical information to forward to my firewall guys.

Thanks Mike

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This has absolutely nothing to do with the MailHost Configuration of a SpamCop.net Reporting Account ..... moving to the Block List Help Forum section ....

The answer to your question .. first of all, this is not the way a BL works, not how you 'connect' to a BL ...

The "instructions" actually exist within the SpamCop FAQ . links provided at the top of this very page ... under the Blocking List section, an entry titled How can I check if an IP is on the list? suggests the "normal" way to access the contents of a BL .... or install some software to handle this action

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