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Just got a "reply" to a resume I'd posted online. It appears now that someone is going through the various job sites and using them to get new prospects... I received an email from "knightsbridge [at] instanthumanresources.com" (munged so that the whole email address will show...it's spammy, what do I care if they receive more spam! <G>)

Anyway, when I tried to go to "knightsbridge.com" it didn't seem like an advertising company and since I was NOT looking for an "administrative" assistant, I did a quick Google on them and found that this is a scam. Here's a link to the page on this scam: http://snipurl.com/sbba

Hopefully no one will be taken in by it... I *almost* emailed them back asking for more info. Hmm... wonder what would happen if I emailed them from SC? :-)

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