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Submission from Pegasus


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Following courtesy of craigt, posted in New Feature Request Jul 5 2006, 04:07 AM

As far as a 'how-to' this format is the easiest to submit if using Pegasus. The submission process is:

1) Select the desired spam(s) for submission to spamcop

2) Select 'Forward' (or keyboard 'f')

3) Enter the submission address (I now use 'quick' and since Pegasus is set for autocomplete I enter only 'q')

4) Select the 'Forwarding method' radio button labeled 'Create a MIME digest containing the messages' (Pegasus is set to retain the last usage info so I normally do nothing here)

5) Select 'Forward' (or keyboard 'enter')

6) Select 'Delete' (or keyboard 'del') -- assuming that you don't need to keep the spams around for any reason

Therefore my entire submission sequence is very simple; select the spams, type 'f', 'q', 'enter', 'del'.

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