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Can't Delete Held Email

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I have a new Spamcop account, and there are now hundreds of emails caught in the "Held Email" section, but I can't do anything with them! I tried all of the options like "deleting" but nothing every happens to the mails-- they just stay in the queue, which is getting bigger and bigger by the hour.

At first I thought it was a browser problem with OSX, and so I tried Firefox, but it had the same problem.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? I have used Spamcop in the past and this worked fine.


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It's possible that your Trash folder hasn't been properly created yet? I seem to remember something similar to this, but the actual "Symptom" was as follows:

"spam that is Quick-Reported or Queued for Reporting and Moved to Trash stays in the Held Mail Folder"

Here are some links to previous forum topics regarding this problem/bug:



I don't know if that's your issue or not, but it might be.


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