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[Resolved] no spamfiltering of my email.

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I have setup my email like this:


It has worked like this before, but since a week or so it doesn't anymore.

Email headers of emailaddres2 show that the email is going through spamcop

if sent to emailaddress1. However everything gets forwarded to emailaddress2.

If I send myself a SPAMmessage to emailaddress1 it gets forwarded to emailaddress2

If I send myself the same SPAMmessage to myemail[at]spamcop it gets filtered to the Held email.

I haven't change any settings, so I was wondering if anyone can help me out?



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Can you describe how the forwarding is set up?

Are you forwarding from Emailaddress1 to SpamCop or using the SpamCop pop facility?

Likewise, how are you causing mail to move from SpamCop to Emailaddress2?

In the meantime, this isn't a question about the SpamCop reporting service so I anticipate a moderator will move the thread to the Email account forum.


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Topic moved, PM sent.

Sounds like a problem that got created with the software upgrade.

Do you have MailHosts configuered?

Also check the headers of the messages in your SpamCop Held Mail folder

Are they all addressed to yourname[at]SpamCop.net

How are you doing the test?

Forwarding the message or using IMAP to move the message?

If you are using Forwarding the test may be invalid as SpamCop may be looking at the message as coming from you, and it may view it differently dependant on how MailHosts is configuered.

Also check your White List to be sure that is not the cause of the problem.

Next thing I would do is terminate all forwarding and POPing being done by SpamCop and then redo the settings. Then re-run your test.

Please post your results.

If that does not work, then you will probably need to contact SpamCop Staff.

If you would like additional help from here, please parse and cancel both test messages and post the Tracking URL so that we can see the differences.

Also as Andrew stated, please post the exact current setup.

Forward from account 1 or POPing account 1 from SpamCop.

Forwarding from SpamCop or POPing SpamCop

My guess is that you are using the forwarding options from both.

My setup is to forward to SpamCop from multiple accounts and then POPing SpamCop which is still working correctly for me.

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