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Admin contact for an IP range ?


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I am yaneti[at]declera.com, according to whois.ripe.net I am the admin and techincal contact for the - inetnum. Still for the life of me I can't figure what the spamcop reporting service thinks is the admin contact for the netblock. I've registered mine and almost every remotely related abuse[at]/postmaster/hostmaster[at] contact available yet still every one of them is considered "Third part interested in daily reports" and subsequently recieves the summaries and not the all important detailed reports.



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I just did a trace on that IP address with spamcop and it showed nss[at]itdnet.net as the contact address. I clicked on the refresh/show link which forces spamcop to update the contact data in its cache (it is necessary to cache this information as it takes a lot of cpu cycles/bandwidth to do the necessary retrieval and parsing of whois data). It now shows abuse[at]declera.com and postmaster[at]declera.com as the best contacts. Looks like it was just a caching issue.

You can check this yourself by going to spamcop and putting in your IP address. When the details come up, click on the Trace IP button, and it will tell you where it is sending reports for those IPs. I'm guessing now that the cached information has been updated, you will be getting reports as you should.

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