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Request - Please add the .ru blacklist to options

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To the Administrators: I'm a longtime SpamCop customer and advocate. I have a simple request.

Twice in the last two months those of us with 2 letter email names (XY[at]spamcop.net) have been buried by return notices originating from .ru nets. I know we could discuss 2 letter email names, but I've had this account for years and it was a different world when I first chose the two letter name. To change it now would be VERY difficult based on the number of legitimate people who have this address.

I've tried setting up filters in outlook, spamcop, all over. I've managed to kill 90% of the returns automatically before they clog my inbox. However, unfortunately this months' mass spamming by this Russian-based spammer is in volume considerably higher than last month. This morning I had to clean out 790 returns that my filter did not catch. The majority were bounces that were from Russia-based ISP's.

I never receive legitimate emails from Russia, so having that blacklist available would really help with these issues.

So, based on the fact that:

1) A Russian-based spam operation is using (xy[at]spamcop.net) formatted addresses as sender email address in their spam;

2) Spamcop users are being negatively affected by this;

3) A blacklist does exist to block all .ru nets;

4) We already have multiple countries in the blocklist (China, Korea, etc);

Would you consider adding Russia and maybe some other countries (like Italy for example) to the list?

If this would be a bad idea, maybe you could explain why.

Thanks for your time!

Scotty (Spamcop user since 2000)

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Well, today the Russian spammers are using three letter spamcop addresses, mine for the bounce and another for the reply to - I've put some filters in place (trashing all .ru and cesmail.net addresses) but it would be helpful for spamcop to blacklist some of these...

TX Walrus...

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Yes, starting around 5:00 a.m. EST this morning, the Russian spammer started sending tons of spam through various ISP's. We got a lot of bounces from charter.net and, later in the morning, the bounces from the Russian ISP's started up. It's definitely the same spammer. He rotates through random 2 and 3-letter spamcop.net addresses just to harrass us, I guess. He ends up just harrassing a few users.

If you don't give out your spamcop.net address publicly, I'd be glad to change it for you. I'll look into adding the .ru blacklist. We can block these mail servers entirely, at least temporarily, but eventually we have to let their mail through since they presumably send legitimate mail, too.


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As I have a domain name that forwards to my spamcop email I'd like to be able to block emails sent with my SC id in the 'to' field.

Also, whilst I do see a lot of .ru bounces, I'm getting almost equal amounts from .com and .net addresses.


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