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Server discarded as fake-Message Source scrambled?

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I've been with SpamCop a couple of years and recently was blocked from reporting spam because the system was reporting my company's servers. It got complicated because Anteon, my original employer recently was bought out by General Dynamics. My mail now goes to myaddress <at>gdit.com where it is forwarded to myoldaddress<at>anteon.com and then to spamcop.

I requested a waiver, which will probably fix that, but I noticed something odd about the test mail response. When I captured test mail using Message Source the first time, the response was that there was an unnecessary line break (see below), I took that out and now get

"Host ns-util1.anteon.com (checking ip) IP not found ; ns-util1.anteon.com discarded as fake." (As well as traversing more than one domain)

I noticed that the list of IP addresses was also screwy, see the part right after the local test IP,

and the two octets just before the last IP. There are 5 odd octets in there, no wonder the robot got confused. I tried replying using IE and Firefox, both came up with the scrambled IP list.

As I said, the waiver will probably fix me up but I thought it worthwhile to point out this strange response. I have the URL from the test mail message, I'm going to send it to deputies<at>... but also offer it here to see if anyone has any useful comments.



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It's been quite a while with no follow-up .. did the waiver request solve anything?

As far as the odd octets, not much of a chance to analyze here with no data. Seeing the actual headers would go a long way, usually offered here as the content of a Tracking URL. Though one would think that by now the ISP(s) involved would have straightened out the issue.

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